I adore mixed media 3D dimensional art and I am thrilled to make this available for the Mermaid Lover. Whether a present for yourself or a gift for someone else, this handmade set is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face every time it's seen.


And now, a description of the art...


Shadow Box: The background was painted in a fantasy purple "under the sea" color scheme. On top of that is a transparency which features painted "circles of light". The mermaid tail was painted in various hues of shimmery metallic paint then mounted (raised) from the background. The "seaweed" was attached to the right of the tail which further compliment this Mermaid's World theme. Size of frame is 9"x9".


Garland: Made with wooden beads that were hand painted with orange, teal, lime green & purple metallic paint and stringed with care with spacer beads. Both ends feature a handmade tassel in coordinating / complimentary colors that are attached with jump rings. Length is approximately 40" end-to-end.


Any extra props used in photos (if any) are not included. Designed for decoration / decorating purposes... these are not toys and caution should be strongly heeded around young children.

Mermaid World - Shadow Box Art and Strung Beads with Tassels Garland

  • Made to order, these usually ship within 5-7 days of order. Please take the additional creation time into consideration when purchasing.

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