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As a mature, eager, positive and ambitious graphic design professional, I desire a mid to senior level position that would enable me to use my graphic design knowledge and skills in an enthusiastic environment. With over 12 years of design experience, my goal is to work within a team that mutually respects, supports and encourages our continual creative and professional growth.

I have the ability to assess a company’s/client’s design needs, provide samples, make appropriate changes and complete work in a timely manner. I thrive on following branding guidelines, yet confident to be able to offer suggestions where considerations might need to be challenged.

Equal parts creative and analytical, I thrive on designing marketing materials or collateral that meet or exceed objectives and expectations. Not only do I crave the metrics and analytical data, but I want to "make it pretty" with charts and graphics.


  • Rated "Expert" on Indeed's Graphic Design and Attention To Detail assessment tests

  • Highly organized

  • Awesome time management skills

  • Works well within a collaborative environment but can also perform independently with no problem

  • Well versed in both print and digital design

  • Stay up to date on design trends

  • Familiarity with Mailchimp and Constant Contact

  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office/Teams, Slack, and Basecamp

  • Loves Mac platform, but proficient working on PC as well

  • Possess excellent writing, proofreading and editing skills

  • I have plenty of photography experience (and equipment)

Education highlights:

  • Achieved a 4.0 gpa with honors in obtaining my degree

  • Assumed a mentor role and embraced the camaraderie while instilling discipline and work ethic with those whom I took classes with.

  • Stressed striving for more than mediocrity and paying high attention to detail while maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Although I graduated 11 years ago, I am still asked to attend the annual graphic design advisory meeting.

  • Engage in "exploratory interviews" with the current student body that is required of them.

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